Cast iron or White exterior use 7×74 5or | Etsy

Cast iron or White exterior use 7×74 5or | Etsy

Benefits of Buying a New Home

Home maintenance and repair is an important factor to take into consideration when buying a home. New homes require only a fraction of the upkeep that older homes do, and many times offer complete warranties covering both inside and outside the house. While resale homes occasionally offer warranties, they usually cover limited items for one year after purchase. The extended warranties offered in new construction can help you avoid the stress and high costs of major home repairs.

New homes also provide a number of opportunities to reflect your personality. One of the main attractions in building or buying a new home is the customization. Choosing your home's fixtures, carpet, wall covering and counter tops will not only showcase your unique style, but also make your new home more comfortable.

Technological advances also make buying a new home more appealing. Retrofitting a resale with today's new technologies can be costly and difficult. Designing your new home with wireless Internet access and surround sound in mind can be far easier than installing in an older home.

Energy efficiency has gained more importance in recent years. Energy efficient solutions incorporated in new homes can help reduce energy costs and utility bills, which can quickly offset the cost of a new home.

Materials found in older homes can be hazardous to your health. From asbestos insulation to lead-based paint, the materials found in resale houses can be costly, if not impossible, to replace. New homes are subject to current, stringent building codes and safety requirements, protecting you and your family from hazardous materials.

While a new home can seem like more of an investment than you're willing to make, once you consider all of the hidden costs of resale homes – you may actually save by purchasing the home you've always wanted.

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