Choosing the Right Kids Rugs

Kids rugs are constantly evolving. In days gone by, loving grandparents would make rugs for expected grandkids. Some expectant moms even had time to hook rugs in patterns they chose. But with the increasing need for everyone to be employed outside the home, fewer rugs are being created by loving, family hands.

Shopping for a child’s rug? It is best to remember that children usually inflict a torture test on everything in their environment. This applies to rugs too. From mud, to play dough, the rug will see it all. Whatever you put on the floor must be able to withstand all spills. Also, many of these spills will be ground and stomped into the pile just to add to the fun. The best way to beat this problem is to ensure that the rug is shampoo able.

The decoration of a child’s room is one way to express the personality of its occupant. The color scheme, the fabrics and the overall contents should blend and fit together seamlessly. There is a wide array of rugs available today. It is easy to find the right rug to fit with the room’s ambience.

When decorating a nursery there are many sweet rug designs that are appropriate for a newborn and toddler. But when the little one gets to grade five, the nursery rugs must go. No self respecting eleven year old wants fluffy bunnies or Mother Goose on his floor. There are many age appropriate rug designs for every stage of childhood.

Each child has his own interests and hobbies. There are rug designs to fit with every topic. Sports themed rugs are popular with young athletes. Religious themes are also available and enjoy a steady following. Geography, science and artistic expression are woven into new rug designs each day.

When a child grows up with age appropriate rugs in his surroundings, he will remember them for life. The scenes depicted on these youthful floor coverings will be associated with his early years. They will blend with all the other childhood memories he stores. Today we have the ability to enhance children’s lives with rugs of beauty and durability.

So, we are more and more likely to buy a rug from a retail outlet than we are to make one. But the retail market has risen to the occasion by providing many unique designs in the kids rugs department. We may want to finish a kid’s room with a complementary splash of color. Perhaps we want to add an intellectually stimulating statement through the rug. Whatever our intention, we have almost unlimited options available in today’s consumer driven marketplace.

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