The Heart of the Room – Curtains For Kids

When moving to a new house there are so many essential objects that you need to buy in order to be able to live there, that the curtains are probably somewhere at the end of the list, if they are on the list at all. But make no mistake, curtains have very important functions in our homes: whey keep prying eyes out of your personal space, they block sunbeams making your room a veritable sauna, they stop flies and other flying insects coming in through the open window and last but not as a negligible fact: they give your home a nice, cozy appearance, a familiar look that says “somebody lives and loves and is happy here”. Also, curtains are a sure way to distinguish your familiar, intimate space from a professional but cold and rigid office or waiting room. And if we’re on the decorative aspects, let’s mention how curtains are one of the cheapest way to boost up your spaces: get some vivid colors, be bold on shapes and patterns, tie them up in a creative way and you’ve got your room a brand new look.

Curtains for kids room have the same positive effect on your decoration and utility, and when making a low budget study-bedroom transformation for one of your kids who just grown too much to live with their siblings any more, and you figure you could use old furniture but need new painting and stuff, be sure a super colorful curtain with his fave cartoon character or a flourishing watercolor voile with some beautiful ribbons to tie up with – it will give the whole room a new existence. If you’re willing to put a little more money into redecorating, you can create a theme for your little one’s room: if he’s into spacecrafts, he might like stars on his curtains, if she wants a romantic 19th century French boudoir, you should get her an exotic curtain with rope and tassel as a curtain hook.

But you should know, curtains for kids room have their down sides too: if you put them into a toddler’s room who isn’t properly supervised, (s)he might get tangled into them and risk suffocation or real injury by pulling it down together with the heavy curtain poles. That’s why curtains in any rooms should be properly mounted and children who are big enough to understand it, educated about their dangers. You might also want to choose your curtains’ fabric according to light absorption and heath insulation: if the sun shines in all day, get a thicker, coated curtain, if it’s a darker room, a light colored sheer curtain could bring brightness into it. But no matter what you choose, make sure you get not only some useful but the same time some nice colorful curtains for your kids room.

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