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Ceramic Tile Patterns Have Certainly Improved

Ceramic tile patterns have certainly improved but they are by no means a new invention. The Victorians used ceramic tiles in their homes and some people like to recreate this look in their modern bathrooms. Wall tiles are very popular not least because they repel both dirt and water thus making this room easier to keep clean. You can buy hand made tiles which will be more expensive than the machine made ones but may give you a more unique pattern if that is what you are looking for. The machine made ones are useful when covering a large area in tiles as they fit together easier and are more evenly shaped.

Some people will recommend that you put a line of different shaped or colored tiles when designing the ceramic tiles patterns for your room. You can use rectangular tiles to create a focal point in a wall covered in square shapes. You can buy both glazed and unglazed. The glazed tiles will reflect a lot of light so are great to use if there isn’t a huge amount of natural light in the room. But unglazed tiles come in a wider range of softer colors making them the choice of designers. If you decide to use the unglazed version you will have to seal them with an appropriate sealant to prevent them getting stained and dirty.

Some people will confuse ceramic tiles with Mosaic tiles. The later are smaller and can be mixed in with the larger ones to create a decorative effect. Often people will use them as a border in the bathroom or to tile the interior of the shower. You don’t have to cut these small tiles. You can create a number of different looks using ceramic tile patterns. Why not see what you can do today?

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